'Imaginary Friend' Stars One Of Your Fave Gleeks

Stick around after Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday night for a look at two original sitcom pilots from some up and coming comedians and some of your established faves. Who is Alex Newell, the titular star of Imaginary Friend on NBC? The former Glee ac has taken on an exciting new role.

Imaginary Friend is an NBC Playground comedy pilot winner. It stars Megan Neuringer as Wendy, a woman who constructs said imaginary friend as a coping mechanism for her grief. The show was written and created by Kassia Miller, a UCB sketch comedian and improvisor. You can watch the 15-minute pilot presentation on NBC's website, which also co-stars Griffin Newman (The Tick, Vinyl, Difficult People), and Morgan Grace Jarrett (Broad City, The Characters) as Wendy's coworkers. Newell is not in this short version, though it will make you laugh and get you excited for what's to come, and Neuringer will carry over to the full-length pilot. According to Deadline, model and stunt performer Kalia Prescott is also cast.

Newell is best known for playing Wade "Unique" Adams on the later seasons of Glee, after finishing The Glee Project as the runner-up. He is also a recording artist with several singles and an EP released, and a track "Kill The Lights" that can be heard on Vinyl .

I'm definitely curious to see whether or not Newell will be bringing his many talents to Imaginary Friend. Based on the short pilot, Wendy is sardonic, unmotivated, and understandably not very outgoing — which makes a performer with such a large personality as Newell the perfect counterpart. The imaginary friend in that version is Type A and organized, but not particularly whimsical or magical. If Mary Poppins teaches us anything, a singing mentor is definitely better than a regular mentor.