Back-To-School Life Hacks From YouTuber DaveHax Are Everything You Need To Start The Year Off Right — VIDEO

It's that time of year again: Back to School. And to help you when thing inevitably go wrong (because something always goes wrong), here are a few back-to-school life hacks from YouTuber DaveHax. He can only can help you seamlessly navigate your transition back into the school year, but moreover, he can do it in a very soothing British voice. Isn't the internet great?

Despite the upbeat tone of all the commercials that start airing at this time of year, we all know that having to go back to school is terrible. For one thing, not being in school is always preferable to having to go to school. And for another, going back to school means having to figure things out for a whole new school year. It's a new set of classes with new teachers and a new schedule that you are going to forget at least once during your first week. Plus, now you're once again in forced close proximity to all those people you spent the summer avoiding.

And no amount of inspirational quotes is going to change any of that. (Though I guess they might help a bit, if you find the right ones.)

And yet, every year, those who have not yet completed their education stock up on pens, brush up our makeup, and head once more back into the breach. And this year, you can get some help from DIY tricks like these.

Check out the full video below, and scroll down for a few highlights:

DaveHax on YouTube

1. Make Your Schedule Your Lock Screen

Just take a picture of your schedule and set it as your lock screen. (Here are instructions for how to change your lock screen for iPhone; instructions for how to change your lock screen for Android can be found here.) You can also make it your phone's background wallpaper, too.

2. Put Dryer Sheets In Your Gym Shoes

Because smelly gym shoes are the worst. And if you don't have dryer sheets, the video has other tips, too.

3. Make Your Own Multi-Colored Highlighters

Just touch the tips together from different color pens.

And if all this isn't enough, you can also check out DaveHax's tips for making your own board games you can play in class using only school supplies, as well as a whole lot more, in the full video. Check it out above!

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