7 Back To School Makeup Tutorials For Easy & Affordable Beauty Looks — VIDEOS

Now that fall is here, school is officially back in session, and it's got everyone's beauty wheels turning. That's why you need these seven back to school makeup tutorials to help get your beauty game on point and your face looking flawless during classes. From affordable products to everyday looks, these talented YouTube gurus are giving you beauty inspo for days.

Back to school season for some may be kind of a bummer —unlike for me when I counted down the days — but for those that dread homework, classes, and alarm clocks, at least there's back to school shopping and beauty looks. Whether it's restocking your fall wardrobe or investing in a great BB cream for quick and easy makeup, there are exciting things about this time of year that don't have to involve academics — although I maintain that those are exciting, too.

Plus, one of the best things about back to school beauty is that it can incorporate some of the biggest makeup trends for fall. From a bold lip to simple, natural skin, there's a lot coming your way in fall 2016, and with the help of some talented beauty influencers, you're able to try them all.

1. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

Who doesn't love a tutorial from this lovable lady?

2. Daceyhapa

Dacey Cash on YouTube

Down to earth beauty with a pop of color? Yes, please.

3. Patrick Starr

PatrickStarrr on YouTube

Starr typically does makeup on himself, so it's super cool to see him apply makeup on another person.

4. Laura Lee

Laura Lee on YouTube

I dare you to watch a Laura Lee video without laughing and appreciating her insane talent simultaneously.

5. Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown on YouTube

That eye look is everything.

6. NikkieTutorials

NikkieTutorials on YouTube

Nikkie is known for her gorgeous cut creases, but this more natural look is equally as beautiful.

7. Leyla Rose

Leyla Rose on YouTube

A gorgeous natural matte look a la Kylie Jenner.

So now that you've got plenty of back to school makeup inspiration, you're going to look bomb on the first day of school — and that's with or without makeup.

Images: Daceyhapa/Youtube