Is The Final Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Bundle Restock Sold Out? You Can Still Shop A Few Things — PHOTO

Leftovers, schmeftovers! Whatever is "left over" or "remaining" from the final restock of a limited edition and awesome makeup collection, like the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition collection, is still awesome. It's not picked over nor is it the stuff no one wanted, since it's all hotly desired. The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition enjoyed an encore on Wednesday, Aug. 31. The reprise included the entire gold-drenched bundle. Additionally, the Creme Eye Shadows, which come in Rose Gold and Copper, were sold as singles; Kylie Jenner has not added any creme shadows to the permanent lineup of offerings... yet. The Mini Matte Collection of Lip Kits was also available on its own and separate from the full bundle. So there were plenty of shopping choices.

Yes, the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Bundle sold out again within a half-hour. Because duh. But is anything from the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection left, like the individual shadows or the mini KLKs?

Here's the deal. The Bundle and the Mini Matte set are both sold out. However, both of the Creme Eye Shadow singles are still available for purchase. So get on that right now, because what's remaining is bound to go sooner than later.

Below is the screenshot from the Kylie Cosmetics site, which is its official sales platform. You can see what's gone and what's still available.

Those two little pots of gleaming, metallic goodness are calling your name. Seriously, I do suggest scooping them up because once they are gone... it's for good. Or so we think, since the Birthday Edition was only supposed to be available until Jenner's birthday on Aug. 10. She brought it back one last time due to fan demand!

Kylie Cosmetics customers and fans were so happy that the collection had its reprise.

So much golden, metallic, and matte awesomeness.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics (1)