Teenager Zach Belden Creates Instagram for His Grandma Betty And It's Freaking Adorable

Your mom may have an Instagram account, but there’s no way she’s as cool as Grandma Betty. After his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, Philadelphia teenager Zach Belden decided to start an Instagram account to tell the story of Grandma Betty’s life. Belden hoped to use the social photo sharing network to “demonstrate how joy and love can ease the pain of battling cancer.

The account, which now has more than 22,000 followers, makes Grandma Betty “feel like a celebrity.” Hope Belden, Zach’s mom, told a Philadelphia Fox affiliate that the family "gets joy out of listening to her ask daily, "How many more friends do I have today?”

Zach Belden’s photos of Grandma Betty may help cheer her up, but they also serve as an inspiring reminder of courage in the face of a devastating illness. Check out these six adorable shots of Grandma Betty loving life, as shared on her Instagram account.

One of the most popular videos on Belden’s Instagram page features Grandma Betty dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell. If it won’t warm your cold, steely heart, nothing will.

Grandma Betty is also a big fan of big band music, as evidenced by this video of her dancing with Zach’s sister.

Zach Belden and Grandma Betty, waiting to be interviewed. Look at those smiles!

In this video, Grandma Betty asks her massive Instagram following for prayer as she battles cancer. And now I’m crying.

But most of the time, she’s happy-go-lucky, and appreciative of everyone who’s following her journey. Yup, still crying.

Keep your head up, Grandma Betty.