Brandon's Getting Arrested On 'The Fosters' & Now We Know Why

Say it ain't so — the penultimate episode of everyone's favorite, most underrated show The Fosters will air on Monday night. And it's going to be a huge event — literally, the Winter Ball will happen during the episode. So what's the big deal? Not that Callie might be Winter Ball Queen, but that BRANDON IS GETTING ARRESTED. For all of you Brandon h8rs out there, this might seem like great news — and now that we've seen this Hollywood Reporter exclusive sneak peek we know why he's getting booked.


In the THR exclusive, Jesus and Mariana's biological mother is back and she's bringing a boatload of trouble with her. Ana confronts Stef at the police station and reveals that Brandon gave her money to change her story about what happened the night Mike killed her boyfriend. She then threatens that she'll tell the DA about the bribe and share that changed her story unless Stef gives her $10,000 to keep her quiet. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT — seriously, this woman is crazy. As much as we wanted to shake some sense into Brandon when he first met up with her, now we just want to smack him upside the head for causing an extortion problem. DAMNIT, BRANDON.

Stef refuses to believe her, obviously — but if you rewatch the promo after seeing this sneak peek, you can totally tell that Stef got the proof she needed from her son. Ugh. In the official promo for Monday night's episode, we see Stef tell a couple of officers to "arrest him" and they promptly cuff Brandon and put him in the back of a squad car while Callie runs out calling him name. #Drama, right?

Even if Brandon is the worst — we never would've hoped for him to get arrested. That kid just can't catch a break.

Watch the promo for Monday night's episode, "Metropolis," here:

Image: ABC Family