10 National Gymnastics Day Memes

Gymnastics tends to come into focus every four years when the Summer Olympics are being televised, but gymnasts are working hard every day of every year even when their routines aren't being broadcast on national television. These National Gymnastics Day memes prove just how badass gymnasts really are, as well as how crazy their daily routines can be. After you scroll through them all, you'll completely understand why this Sept. 17 is an entire day devoted to gymnasts.

If you know a gymnast, you know a hard worker. There's no denying how much effort goes into being a gymnast. From diet to training schedule, discipline is key in the world of gymnastics. While the women and men who take to the balance beam, floor, and uneven bars may look like elegant performers, that air of effortlessness is only an appearance. The amount of hours, bruises, pulled muscles, and injury that go into making a great gymnast can't be forgotten.

Next time you're watching the Olympics on TV, or perhaps even attending a live gymnastics meet, let yourself be in awe of the gymnasts' ability to fly through the air, contort their bodies, and land without hesitation on a beam that's only four inches wide. We might not all be able to compete at gymnastics meets, but we can all certainly appreciate the gymnasts who can.

No complaints here!

So stop asking.

Fair enough.

You don't want to rumble with a gymnast.


The sign of a true winner.

We don't play "games" in gymnastics.

And on Olympic days we wear gold.

Straight gangster.

Didn't think so.

Images: MemeCenter