'Parenthood's "The Offer" Teases Tears, But Will The Episode Stick This Season's Landing? — VIDEO

This season of Parenthood has had its ups and downs — not just in the trials and tribulations of the lives of the Bravermans, but in how critics and fans have reacted to the ways in which the show is dealing with those trials and tribulations. The show's fourth fourth season was always gonna be a hard act to follow, but let's just say that relegating Sarah to another haphazard love triangle and sidelining Crosby was not the way to endear the audience. Still, it's had its highs, too — part of the Joel and Julia storyline rings true to those who've experienced divorce or separation first hand. And as we slide into this latter half of the season, you have to ask yourself: Are they gonna stick the landing? For that we look to the weekly Parenthood promos.

Unlike the charmingly/frustratingly opaque Mad Men promos, the teasers for Parenthood tend to make it seem like one of two things is going to happen: Either something incredibly joyful or something incredibly heartbreaking will happen. To be fair to Parenthood, they usually succeed on the crying front. Sometimes, though, they make you think that Kristina's cancer might be back (when that's not even a huge deal in the episode at hand), or that Joel's gonna rush to Julia's side and sweep her off her feet (when the reality is more like a baby step in the general direction of possible eventual reconciliation).

The promo for this next week's episode of Parenthood, titled "The Offer," seems pretty subtle and fair when it comes to most of the storylines, with the exception of Hank and Sarah, who according to this promo, will be having a huge life-changing interaction that in reality will probably end up being more of the same of what we've been seeing all season. My theory for what's actually gonna be the most interesting storyline from next week's episode? Camille and Zeek getting an awesome offer for their house and deciding to give it to Crosby for cheap instead.


Image: NBC