All The Things The Miss America 2017 Gowns Looked like, Because There Was A Lot Going On

Why do you love fashion? Is it the artistry? The sparkle? The way the perfect outfit can make you feel? Those are all legit. For me, it's all about the imagination. I'm all about the things the Miss America 2017 gown looked like. Let's face it, as a small town Ohio gal, I'm never going to wear a runway look to the grocery store, or to the dive bar in my neighborhood. But I like to imagine I can. Because adult daydreaming is totally not a waste of a perfectly good afternoon. Anyway to get back to my point about imagination, this year's crop of Miss America gowns did not disappoint. I expect my Instagram to be Miss America meme paradise for days.

But...since those meme creators are still taking in the show, and waiting with baited breath for someone to slip and fall on the runway (really, tho, why are memes so mean?) I'm here with a little something for the imagination/funny bone. I mean, we're still talking about that time Bjork came to the MTV Music Awards wearing a swan, and that one J-Lo dress that looked like a lime fruit rollup. You know the one I'm talking about. Miss America 2017 has definitely had it's "is she wearing a cape and shoulder pads?" moments. Let's break them down.

The Intro Dresses

The intro dresses were a short, multicolored explosion of pattern that people either loved or hated.

Here are the reactions:

Miss Arkansas's black dress had some people like (in a good way, of course):

Miss New York Conjuring a little of this:

Miss Mississippi said her inspo was a mix of Elsa and Cinderella, and she wasn't lying.

Not everyone was a fan of Miss Tennessee's shoulder pads and cape.