How Much Is BECCA's Rose Quartz Highlighter? The Price Won't Surprise You

In case you missed the exciting news, BECCA created another highlighter hue. From the packaging to the product, everything about the pearly pink product is brand new. Let's just say you'll be ready to buy as soon as you see it. If you're wondering how much the BECCA's Rose Quartz Highlighter is, the price probably won't surprise you.

Just when you thought cheek shine couldn't get any better, this company is at it again. In addition to created their new Bronzed Amber Shimmering Skin Perfector, BECCA also created a light pink hue as well. Rose Quartz looks to be a cross between their shade Rose Gold and Pearl. It's described as a neutral pale pink, which means it works for tons of different skin tones as well. That's not the only change the product has either. Instead of a brown rim like on the traditional BECCA compact, they used rose gold for the limited-edition shade.

The look of the product might have changed, but there's nothing new about the price. Just like the other Shimmering Skin Perfectors in the line, BECCA's Rose Quartz is $38. It might seem a little pricey, but, in my opinion, these are some of the best highlighters out there. The only difference between the new color and the existing shades is that it's only around for a limited time.

If you're as in love with the product as I am, you'll be happy to know that it's available right now on the Sephora site. It's the one and only place to buy the limited-edition product too. Rose Quartz isn't even being sold on the BECCA website. That means once it's gone at Sephora, it's gone for good.

The highlighter might look gorgeous in the packaging, but just wait until you see the swatch. It give off a gorgeous subtle pink glow that's perfect for everyday wear. You have to see it for yourself.

Rose Quartz is currently only available in pressed form. Fingers crossed that people love the shade so much that they keep it around longer!

Images: beccacosmetics/Instagram (1), sephora (1)