Jax From 'Pump Rules' Says He's A Feminist

Never forget, my fellow Bravoaholics: We may be in the middle of the Vanderpump Rules offseason, but that does not mean our Vanderpump Rules fandom can or should take a nap. If we don’t keep a close eye on the Pump Rules crew, we might things like Stassi Schroeder “crashing” Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s honeymoon (no, she didn't actually crash the vacation, and yes, she was totally invited). We might miss the photographs from Schwartz and Maloney’s gorgeous wedding. And we might miss the moment Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor realized he’s a feminist after all.

On Friday, BravoTV.com shared a video of Taylor hanging out with Pump Rules costars Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval at a bar. As they stand next to what sounds like a rousing game of beer pong, Taylor begins to pontificate about the cost of makeup, hair extensions, and nylons. Madix interrupts her costar to inform him that, in many states, there is a “luxury tax” on feminine hygiene products.

“There’s a tax?” Taylor replies in disbelief, adding that women “don’t have a choice” when it comes to Aunt Flo’s monthly visits. Madix tells the camera that tampons should be free.

“They should be free,” Taylor vehemently agrees. “Just like birth control.” The more he thinks about health insurance covering some methods of birth control, the cost of tampons, the luxury tax, and other matters of gender inequality, the more fired up he gets.

"No joke, all kidding aside," he says. "I just put that in my head right now that you have to pay for tampons but you don't have to pay for birth control. I think that's a little weird."

By the end of clip, he lets everyone within earshot know that he is a feminist.

Well, I'll be a Sharknado.