Juan Pablo Galavis & Nikki’s Dominican Republic Trip Proves They Should Have the Next Live ‘Bachelor’ Wedding

After much consideration, I have decided that the next live Bachelor wedding should be Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. The idea came to me when it was reported that Juan Pablo and Nikki attended a Dominican Republic wedding together.I know it sounds crazy, but this would be such a good idea for ABC. You take this couple that NO ONE thought was going to work out, one half of which is guy that America loved to hate, add in the fact that it's live and this would be ratings gold. I thought I never wanted to see Juan Pablo on TV again, but this would be such a huge turnaround for these two that it would be worth it. Here are a few reasons why this should happen.

1. Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo might be a horrible person, but he makes for fantastic TV. Juan Pablo made so many mistakes speaking English on The Bachelor, so just imagine how many more he would make when he was on live TV. The "After the Final Rose" special was live and we all saw how that went. Juan Pablo might speak English better than he's letting on because he uses the language barrier excuse all the time in attempts to cover up the stupid things he says. This is a person who could plausibly say "I don't" accidentally during the ceremony and then blame it on the fact that English is his second language. Aside from the language barrier, he just an insensitive jerk. He could write things about another woman into his vows and get left at the alter. Do we really want to miss that?

2. They Like Weddings

Juan Pablo and Nikki attended a wedding in the Dominican Republic on Saturday and Juan Pablo posted this picture with the caption, "I APPROVE this message." Also, it looks like Nikki may have caught the bride's bouquet. I'm thinking Juan Pablo does love Nikki — or at least has such a weak understanding of the concept that he thinks he's in love — and was just being a stubborn brat when he was on "After the Final Rose."

3. They're the Opposite of Sean and Catherine

Everyone loves Sean and Catherine. They are nice and seemingly down-to-earth and clearly love with each other. Nikki and Juan Pablo are completely different. Bachelor Nation loved to hate Juan Pablo and Nikki wasn't exactly everyone's favorite contestant either. She had a drama-filled rivalry with Clare, was whiny about participating in group dates, and fans generally thought that she shouldn't have accepted Juan Pablo's final rose. People would watch a Juan Pablo and Nikki live wedding not to see how glamorous and over-produced true love can be, they'd watch in hopes this thing turned into a mess.

4. The Return of Former Bachelor Contestants

Andi and Nikki are good friends so she'd be there for sure, but would Sharleen show up? Renee and her new man? Lauren the Mineral Coordinator? Would Chris Harrison put his differences aside and make an appearance? Would Molly the dog be the ring bearer? A first dance to "Ess Okay" by Lucy the Free Spirit? All of these questions and more would be answered by a live televised wedding.

5. Nikki's Dress

On The Bachelor Nikki wore a dress with a hip-high slit to the final rose ceremony, constantly chose backless pieces that displayed her tattoo, and once rose a horse in a fringed bikini top and wide-legged printed pants. We need to see this wedding dress.

5. They'd Prove Everyone Wrong

If somehow Juan Pablo and Nikki could end up convincing America of their love, that would be the biggest feat in the history of The Bachelor (thank you Chris Harrison for this phrase I will never stop using) and one of the most impressive celebrity reinventions that has ever happened. I know Juan Pablo is barely a celebrity, but still, people HATE him and think he is in incapable of love. If he ended up marrying Nikki everyone would be blown away. We could see a sensitive side of Juan Pablo, a side that cares about more than besitos. He'd have to be offered a ton of money to do this though. Juan Pablo no le gusta ABC right now.

Images: ABC; Nikki Ferrell/Instagram; Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram