How To Style Curly Hair With Bangs With 8 Products That Work

The day I cut my curly hair into an even curlier and shorter style, I freaked out a little bit. When my stylist also cut bangs, it turned into a lotta bit of a freak out. I didn’t know what expert tricks for styling curly hair with bangs I would need to manage this new style. After she walked me through the process of styling my new cut, I was more at ease. In fact, I loved the new curly hair with bangs look because it gave my hair movement and shape.

Bangs can be intimidating for any hair type, but especially curly hair because of a few major reasons: frizz, knots, shrinkage, and worst of all, mismatched curl patterns. Knowing this, I asked my stylist for ways to avoid all of those challenges. Since then, I’ve become sort of a pro. When it comes to limp bangs, my favorite trick is manipulation. If your bangs aren’t as bangin’ as the rest of your curls, twist them up with curling rods so they become as curly as the rest of your hair. As for avoiding frizz, it’s simple: don’t touch your hair! But if you must, use a special comb as an extension of your hands. It sounds crazy, I know, but read on for the rest of my hacks for styling curly hair with bangs.

1. Prep Your Curls & Bangs For Styling With A Nourishing Detangler

Mane Tame - Leave-In Conditioner Detangler for Curly Hair, $14, Amazon

The pitfall of curly hair with bangs or otherwise is tangles. They're the worst. Before you let your curls do their thing, detangling with this spray that has active botanicals and pro vitamin B5 will help avoid knots and help each curl be springy and defined. It's also paraben-free and sodium chloride-free! Use this all over (your bangs included) for a great start before styling.

2. Diffuse With This Handy Tool For Full, Defined Curly Bangs

xtava ALLURE Jet Set TRAVEL Hair Dryer, $30, Amazon

Curly bangs can go one of two ways: they can shrink and puff, or lay limp and flat. To avoid either of those, after washing and adding product, diffuse your hair. This blowdryer kit is so handy because it's smaller than most to cater to shorter curls like your bangs. The mini diffuser attachment will dry curls without frizz and the concentrated attachment will get right at the root where you can create volume — no limp spaghetti string curls for you bangs!

3. If You're Going To Go Curly, Make Sure To Scrunch Your Curls All Over


The worst curly bang offense is having them just hang there with a curl pattern that doesn't match the rest of your curls. To make your curl pattern uniform all over, scrunch, particularly at the front where your bangs are. Scrunch while your hair is still damp and has product in it so your curl pattern holds.

Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse, $18, Amazon

A scrunching gel — like Moroccanoil's curl control mousse — can be all it takes to smooth away frizz and capture the moisture necessary for a little bounce. This formula uses argan oil to keep curls sleek in any kind of weather.

4. Keep Your Bangs Out Of Your Face With This Extra Strength Headband

Braided Non-Slip Headband Set by The Curly Co., $13, Amazon

Curly hair is known for being unruly, so for days when you want to get them out of your face, you'll want a heavy duty headband. This one has silicone grips all along the inside of the headband, so there's no slippage. Reviewer Ali Parsons said that they're her new favorite: "I have super thick hair and bangs and have issues with headbands just sliding off, even the ones with the little grippers on the back. I used these braided bands for the first time last week with my girl friend doing facials and they seriously do not move. She liked it so much she wore it home and won't give it back! Aside from being comfortable, they are also really cute with the braid and I can wear them to the gym or out and about. They also don't pull out my hair which is a big plus"

5. Use The Right Detangling Brush For Combing Through Your Curls

Detangler Vent Styling Brush - Ultimate Lightweight Detangling Hairbrush, $15, Amazon

You may think all brushes are created equally, but that is not the case, especially when it comes to curly hair with bangs. This wide brush with multiple bristles allows you to detangle your bangs and the rest of your hair, so that your curls are knot-free, which is important before styling.

6. Keep Unruly Curls And Bangs In Place With These Pins

Polytree 20pcs Spiral Hair Pin Clip Bun Stick Spin Screw Twist Barrette, $5, Amazon

Regular bobby pins don't stand a chance against curly hair. Whenever I try to use them, I have curls popping out in every direction by the end of the day. Instead, use this to really pin down curls — the spirals of the pins catch the spirals of your own curls for an extra secure hairstyle. Whether you're just pinning your bangs back or doing a full up-do, these will save your life. Trust me.

7. Don't Touch Your Hair To Create Volume — Use Picks Instead

EQLEF® Hair Pick Wide Tooth Sandalwood Hair Comb, $10, Amazon

I have a bad habit of touching my curls after they've dried (they're so soft!), but what that does is create friction, which in turn creates frizz. Some frizz will happen with curls, but by touching them, you can even create tangles. Instead, if you feel like you need to manipulate your curls once they've dried, use these smooth sandalwood picks. Use them wherever you would finger comb your hair to create volume to adjust curls — without frizz!

8. Manipulate Your Curly Bangs To Match The Rest Of Your Curly Hair

Curlformers Short Corkscrew Curls Styling Kit, $49, Amazon

I suffer from limp curly bangs, thanks to the heat damage I got from straightening them all the time. To make my bangs look as great, full and curly as the rest of my hair, I use these curl formers to create heat free curls. That way, my bangs don't just lay there or shrink up, looking awkward compared to the rest of my spiral-y, curly hair.

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