'Lucky Bastards' is the Bro Version of 'Real Housewives'; Why We're So Excited

What do you get when you mash up Real Housewives with bro culture? The Esquire show Lucky Bastards. Brought to you by the producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, this show is about to become your new favorite. Don't like reality TV? Too bad, you're still going to love this because the premise is so ridiculous you won't be able to help but religiously watch it. Set in New York City, the show follows six bro-BFFs on their metropolitan escapades. It's like Sex and the City, but about a bunch of guys. So who are these six Manhattanite buddies? Well if the premise didn't sell you on the show, this cast will. Meet your new favorite reality TV group:


Star of The Bachelor's ninth season, Borghese is a real-life Italian prince. (You can't make this kind of stuff up.)


He's never had a career, so naturally he's going to give designing a "premium denim line" a try. He's the son of a women's fashion tycoon which means he'll likely spend the season using his parents' contacts so he can start his fashion label and then eventually give up because work is hard. Esquire describes Cafferelli's idea of market research as "[chatting] up beautiful girls."


He's, like, super over corporate America and is leaving his banking job in favor of starting a vodka brand. The world can never have too many types of vodka! Ferri is the show's dad figure as he has a steady girlfriend and often offers advice to the crazy youngster group with their one-night-stand problems.


He's this show's Barney Stinson, determined to hook up with as many of NYC's female population before settling down for good (or at least until his first affair.)


He has a lot of jobs, all of them ridiculous. With a resume like his, he'd be totally ready for a stint on The Bachelor, who specializes in contestants with ridiculous jobs. Among Clemens' careers are "financially successful cosmetics executive," break dancer, and black-belt karate master. He and Adam are extra-BFFs and call each other "oldie" as in "old friend." (I can't decide if that cute or hilarious? Both? Help?)


All you need to know about him is that he's even more woman-crazy than Adam Campbell. Mitchell is always surrounded by women and his groupies have earned the nickname "Scottourage." If Barney were real he would totally be all like:

Somehow Esquire has collected the six most ridiculous humans for this show and it would really be a disservice to humanity not to watch the drama that's sure to unfold. Program your DVRs everyone, Lucky Bastards premieres April 16th.