How Britney Spears Feels About Being Nicknamed Godney Will Make You Love Her Even More

Think you couldn't possibly adore our leader more than you already do, fellow members of the Britney Army? Well, saddle up for what she said about those nicknames we use when we talk about her. In the Sept. 16 issue of NME, Britney Spears opened up about new album Glory, sticking with her pop music career for so many years, and yes, the sobriquets her fans have bestowed upon her. When asked how she feels about being called Godney and the Holy Spearit, the benevolent and humble pop icon said she is not sure she is worthy of such reverence. Here is what "Make Me..." singer told NME (via E! Online):

That's just how the fans are – and I don't want to let them down. At the end of the day, we're all human and we all make mistakes. It's really flattering, but I don't know if I can set my bar that high. I'm sure a lot of them have almost felt like they've grown up with me.

That sound you just heard? Oh, that was just my heart exploding. No big deal.

...Now, I hate to disagree with the Holy Spearit's gracious response, but as far as setting the bar is concerned, she really doesn't have anything to worry about. Those nicknames tell no lies, she will never let us down, et cetera; the Legendary Ms. Britney Spears is the bar.

If you live outside of the UK and don’t have access to a newsstand that stocks NME, the publication’s site promises the full interview will be available online soon.

Image: xmidnightfantasy/tumblr