Orlando Bloom Dyed His Hair Blonde, And It Will Definitely Remind You Of Something — PHOTOS

On Sept. 16, one actor may have triggered a major fan flashback: Orlando Bloom revealed blonde hair on his Instagram account, reminding his loyal devotees of how good his blonde hair looked when he played Legolas in the Lord of the Rings .

Bloom posted the image just a few days after he made his Instagram public instead of private. With just over 100 posts to choose and peruse, fans could quickly familiarize themselves with the goings-on in Bloom's life —including his recent trip to Burning Man with girlfriend Katy Perry.

Shortly after Bloom "caved" and took his account public, he used the opportunity to debut his newly platinum blonde hair. In true cool guy style, the actor didn't settle for a selfie to show off his new icy coif. Instead, Bloom posed on a pink bike with the caption, "Back to blond...rolling to set."

His words might lead some to believe that he dyed his hair blonde for a role. Bloom's platinum blonde locks could definitely be work-related, as he's currently filming the cycling mockumentary, Tour de Force, with Andy Sandberg in China. Now that his account is open to the public, fans are getting some insight into his experiences overseas, including an awesome snapshot of a woman parking her bike in Shanghai, and a video of Bloom practicing with a Shaolin master.

Of course, the most important thing is his hair. Check out the actor's new look:

Again, it's unclear as to whether or not this is for a role or just for the fun of it. Either way, it's working for him.

Images: Getty (1) Orlando Bloom/Instagram