How Do You Make Your Voice Heard? Take This Quiz To Find Out

We all have our own ways of standing up for what we believe in. Some of us pound the pavement, canvassing for political causes. Others pen impassioned essays, inspiring others to look at something a little differently. But when it comes to your own point of view, how do you make your voice heard? Is your communication style verbal or social? In-your-face or subtle? Are you a born leader, or a loyal supporter?

These questions and more come to mind when watching the new Amazon Original Series Good Girls Revolt . Based on Lynn Povich's best-selling memoir, the series follows a series of young women working at News of the Week, a prominent national publisher at the end of the '60s. They all excel at their jobs as researchers but struggle with the fact that they will never be taken seriously as young women within the sexist culture of the day. Their male colleagues, time and again, take their hard-earned scoops and put their name on them.

As each one of these strong, capable women opens her eyes to the inequality that she faces, they choose to band together and ignite change. There's bold and witty Patti who fearlessly pursues a scoop, and the pragmatic, proper Jane who exercises diplomacy to get things done. Soft-spoken and empathic Cindy makes her voice heard with quiet support and subversion of social norms. The brash and brilliant Nora refuses to let gender inequality get in the way of her dream to write.

So, with all these different methods in mind, how do you make your voice heard?

Take our handy quiz to find out what your style is when it comes to speaking up and speaking out. And make sure to catch Good Girls Revolt , first season now streaming on Amazon.

This post is sponsored by the Amazon Original Series, Good Girls Revolt, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Image: Vasilisa Barsukova/ Bustle