'Pan' Finds Its Peter, but Who Will Be His Tink?

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Warner Bros. has found their Peter — they just cast Levi Miller as Peter Pan in the upcoming Pan, which will star Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard (into it), Garrett Hedlund as Hook (cutie from Tron: Legacy) and Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily (absolutely not, thanks). Levi Miller is just a wee'un, with very little past in Hollywood. His IMDb says he was once in an episode of Terra Nova, annnd that's all he wrote.

Pan will be a reimagining of the original story and Miller will play an orphan Peter during WWII who is swift away to Neverland, which he must save from pirates. Okay, cool I guess; Miller does have some sad, lonely eyes, so here's hoping he's good in the role. But who gets to play cheeky little fairy with an attitude, Tinkerbell?!

Here are some suggestions for Warner Bros. so they don't dismally miscast Tink (seriously, get a Native-American woman to play Tiger Lily, please).

Image: Disney

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