Jake T. Austin Is Eliminated From 'Dancing With The Stars' & It's Always Tough To Be First

Dancing With The Stars is a competition, and someone has to be first to be eliminated. It just happens that way, okay? Well, the first person eliminated on Dancing With The Stars Season 23 was Jake T. Austin, and I can say that he seemed a little shocked that he and partner Jenna Johnson had had their last dance together. Sorry, Jake — you’re going back to voicing Diego on Go, Diego, Go sooner than we all thought.

Jake’s elimination goes to show that it’s not the worst dancer that necessarily goes first — Governor Rick Perry is definitely the dancer on Dancing With The Stars with the… furthest to go, but he had people voting for him, which kept him on the show. Perhaps Jake’s fan base didn’t pick up that phone and touch that dial, and that’s why he didn’t make it through to Week 3. I’m sad that we won’t get to see more of the producers pushing Jenna and Jake’s relationship — Jake has a girlfriend, but it was cute to watch their chemistry develop. At least now I don’t have to watch any additional sexy dances to Go, Diego, Go! . That’s probably it, now that I’m thinking about it.

The bottom two was Jake and Ryan Lochte, and I have to think that that was a ploy by the producers to create some drama — Ryan Lochte equals ratings for Dancing With The Stars, and his redemption story is one for the ages. For now, Jake T. Austin is singing his swan song on Dancing With The Stars, and another week goes on on reality television.

Images: ABC