Did Father Tomas Have A Relationship With A Parishioner On 'The Exorcist'? This Priest May Not Be A Priest For Long

Yeah, yeah, yeah — there’s a demon on the loose in The Exorcist and Father Tomas and Father Marcus seem like they’re going to combine forces to defeat it or whatever. Something like that. No offense to the demon here, but what I’m really interested in so far is the insinuation that Father Tomas fell in love with a parishioner and that he might do the same again. Will Father Tomas violate the priesthood on The Exorcist ?

Father Tomas watches his nephew, Luis, while his sister works, presumably, and when she comes to pick up her son, she mentions something about letter correspondence that Tomas is having with someone named “Jessica." Tomas’ sister insists that people who write letters are people who have something to hide and she doesn’t want what happened “last time” to happen again. Um, ex-squeeze me? She tells Tomas that if he doesn’t want to be a priest anymore, he doesn’t have to be — he can quit the priesthood and go off and marry and date women and do all the things people of the cloth can’t do. He insists that whatever is going on with Jessica is innocent and he loves being a priest. Maybe you won’t feel like that when you have to battle a demon, buddy.


I think this adds an interesting element to the show. Usually, in movies or television shows, the priest that fights a demon has a crisis of faith. You can see it in Father Marcus — he had a botched exorcism and now he’s inspired to help the Rance family because he saw a sign from God. Maybe Father Tomas is having a crisis of faith and doesn’t even know it. Maybe he’s in love with a woman and has pushed it so far out of his mind that he just thinks he wants to be a priest. Battling a demon would sure scare me back into civilian life, that’s for sure. Father Tomas may be good at his job, as he says, but love can work in mysterious ways.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy