10 Reasons to Be Obsessed With Poppy Delevigne

The world is awash with all things Cara Delevingne, so it's easy to forget that the strong-browed wild child has an older sister who's almost as cool. Poppy, 27, has worked her share of high-profile modeling gigs, though you might characterize her more as a Face: British and blonde and lightly freckled, she's been the brand ambassador for this and the ad campaign star of that. And that's not even counting her most public job: galavanting around the Manhattan and London fashion scenes as part-face, part-great pair of shoes, all socialite.

Before you go back to stalking Cara's hilarious Instagram, here are ten reasons we "love" (AKA are completely jealous of) Mz. Poppy, too:

1. She's got major passport stamps.

She divides her time between four of the world's most enviable cities: Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and London. Popping champagne in first class all the way, we presume.

2. Her fiancé knows his fashion.

Poppy got engaged to her long-term boyfriend James Cook in 2012, who proposed with a bespoke red jewelery box by Anya Hindmarch embossed with the words "Will you marry me?" Her response: "Errr YES."

3. She loves Quentin Tarantino.

For her '90s-themed bachelorette party, she dressed up as Patricia Arquette's character from the film True Romance. Plus, her Twitter background is also a shot from True Romance... not that we've been stalking her.

4. She constantly supports her little sis.

Once she told Vogue, "Cara was just the sweetest little thing, growing up. She had this gorgeous little face you just wanted to squidge, she was just so adorable."

5. She may not have the modeling resume that Cara does, but she was the face of Louis Vuitton Summer 2012.

6. And Alberta Ferretti's Forever Bridal Collection in 2011.

7. And, in a surprisingly chic campaign, Nails Inc. in 2012.

8. She had the greatest roommate of all time at one point.

Her name is Sienna Miller, she's basically the modern reincarnation of Edie Sedgwick, and the two lived together in NYC. HOW DID MANHATTAN SURVIVE THOSE FRIDAY NIGHTS?

9. Just look at her in this month's Glamour Italia:

One second, rushing out to inquire if "tawny blush" is a real thing.

10. And occasionally, she almost comes across as a "normal girl."

Points for effort, dear.

Images: @poppydelevingne/Twitter, Instagram