When Will The Backstreet Boys Start Their Las Vegas Residency? You'll Want To Get Tickets Fast

Just when you thought the fervor for the '90s was dying down, the Backstreet Boys went and revived it once more. You may want to take a seat because what I'm about to tell you is big. Beginning March 1, 2017, The Backstreet Boys will begin a residency in Las Vegas. The residency will be a short run, consisting of 18 shows, but, from the sound of the announcement, there is definitely an option to extend their residency. Once the heavenly chorus — which all happen to be singing "I Want It That Way" is perfect harmony — dies down, the first thing you'll probably start wondering is when and where you can get tickets. Then, you'll want to start planning the logistics of getting to Las Vegas.

Tickets for the "Larger Than Life" concert residency are going on sale very soon: Oct. 1, to be exact. You can snap them up over at Ticketmaster. For those with all the good karma on their side, the pre-sale actually begins Sunday September 25 — so start digging in between your couch cushions and turning out the pockets on all your jackets. You're going to want to make sure you don't miss out on arguably the hottest tickets this year.

On a slightly different note, going to Vegas is a really interesting move for the Backstreet Boys. the lads have been on a hot streak since their comeback in 2013. Three years, one album, and one world tour later, the Vegas residency hints at a late-career crossroads for the group. The urge to find roots in one place seems to be intersecting with the group's desire to not let this wild ride come to a screeching halt (a move I think all fans will approve of wholeheartedly).

All I know is this: October 1 and, after that, March 1 cannot come soon enough because this residency will be one of the most unmissable pop star Vegas residencies in recent memory. Anybody want to carpool to Vegas with me?