Naughty Jewish Boys Calendar in the Works, Inciting the Wrath of Nice Jewish Boys Everywhere

So, there is this calendar called "Nice Jewish Guys" that shows 12 months worth of mensches with names like David and Adam doing adorable things like making balloon animals and playing with puppies. Not sexy enough for you? Enter the Naughty Jewish Boys calendar, an alternative version created by a man named Duncan Pflaster.

Pflaster put out an ad on Craigslist for naughty models that would "show the sexy side of Judaism" and act as an "alternative to the emasculating 'Nice Jewish Boys' calendar currently out." While I personally don't think there's anything "emasculating" about being a nice guy (nor do I understand what "emasculating" really indicates or why it's important), showing the sexier side of Judaism gets several cheers from the peanut gallery. Even if it is met with lawsuits from the "nice guys." Adam Cohen, the guy behind the Nice Jewish Guys calendar, is less than psyched. He's currently taking legal action against Pflaster for the Naughty Jewish Boys calendar.

After hearing about the new calendar in town, the good folks over at Nice Jewish Guys calendar sent Pflaster a cease and desist letter demanding that he stop infringing upon their name. Which seems kind of weird since the two products only share the word "Jewish" in their titles. Pflaster responded that he would be willing to take additional steps to distance his calendar from theirs, but that he considered their claim "weak" and had no intention of stopping production.

Calendars. Such a contentious business.

Presumably the Naughty Jewish Boys calendar will be ready for sale before 2015, but in the meantime, we can enjoy some of the preview photos.

Images: Naughty Jewish Boys

Images: Duncan Pflaster Photography