When the Fame Gets Tough, Mary-Louise Gets Going

Mary-Louise Parker has had it with your taunts and jibes, and because you're such a meanie poop head, she might just quit acting, SO THERE. The Weeds actress launched into a mini-diatribe to News Corp Australia, saying "it's a mean culture," among other excuse-y sounding excuses for why bitchy commenters on the Internet are making her re-think her career.

It all hearkens back to the debate at the very center of celebrity culture: is over-exposure and lack of privacy the price one pays for fame and luxury?

Because yes, being photographed and followed all day would probably suck. Going onto Google only to find thousands of people are drinking the Haterade and talking about you probably wouldn't feel so hot, either, but living with no financial worry? Taking months of the year off in exotic locations between movies or seasons? Traveling all over the world as part of your job? Those are all opportunities the rest of us would kill for, so maybe it's worth the trade-off.

Also, you don't have to "throw your internet in the lake", as she says, to stop looking at negative shit on the web, or to stop watching trashy reality TV. You can actually just ... choose not to look at either of those things. You can even get computer control programs that keep certain sites away for you.

The funny bit is at the end where she says she won't quit writing. I mean, because absolutely no one ever shames, criticizes or vilifies writers, right? HAHAHAHAHA that's a really good one Mary-Louise. Maybe you should be a comedian instead!