‘High School Musical’ Meets ’50 Shades Of Grey’ In This Genius Parody Trailer — VIDEO

File this under: someone make some room in an art museum, because the internet has given us a masterpiece. Have you ever wondered what a 50 Shades of Grey -ified trailer for 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical would look like? Whether your answer is “no,” “yes,” or “what kind of bonkers question is that,” saddle up: that mashup trailer exists. YouTube user ElleOfTheMills created a two-minute parody preview for a version of High School Musical that is a little less “Get’cha Head In The Game” and a little more “Crazy In Love” (h/t E! Online). And it is something to cherish.

Set to a cover of a certain Beyoncé track (I'll give you one guess), the “If Troy Bolton Were Like Christian Grey” preview highlights the story of Troy Botlon (Zac Efron), an intense, fairly misanthropic high school basketball player who strikes up a romance with Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) in spite of himself. There’s lots of sweating, lurking, skulking, and locker-punching; the Christian Grey-ish version of Troy has absolutely no chill. Remember that part in High School Musical where Troy surprises Gabriella at home to apologize to her with a song and it's all cute and whatever? That whole scene takes on a totally different vibe in this iteration. A creepy, unsettling vibe. I couldn't be more here for it.

Ready to savor every funny, clever, and flat-out weird moment of the faux-preview? Here ya go:

ElleOfTheMills on YouTube

Is ElleOfTheMills a visionary, or is ElleOfTheMills a visionary? Can't wait to see what she thinks of next.

Image: Disney