These First Presidential Debate Memes Reflect The Flat-Out Insanity Of This Moment

After 17 Republican candidates, a civil-turned-sketchy feud between Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the DNC, and a million "this-is-the-last-straw" moments from Donald Trump, the first presidential debate is finally upon us. And with it comes a round of some glorious tweets and memes, because let's be real, people have been preparing for the Clinton-versus-Trump standoff for what feels like a million years. Monday evening is just a culmination of all of the jokes people have been dying to make.

For those who won't watch Monday night's debate, the memes will do what they always do best — construct the perfect highlight reel of the evening. From a candidate's slip up (who could forget former Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley's "back door" comment from the January debate?) to the best use of side eye, countless memes from clever Twitter users have been churned out since the beginning of this painfully long election cycle to provide the masses with some of the best content of the presidential race.

There's been a lot to go on with this debate in particular, too — impatiently waiting for Bloomberg's fact-checker to destroy Trump, the expectation of Clinton's performance, and the not-so-wise suggestion that viewers should take a drink each time the GOP nominee engages in some "truthful hyperbole."

Here's a roundup of some of those best moments:

If this first debate is any indication, there will be plenty to look forward to (meme-wise, at least) moving to the next round.