Gramercy Park Rose Bar Outfits Waitstaff in Custom Cushnie et Ochs

When you're looking for a waitressing job to fill up a summer (or the holes in your freelance budget), there are several things to keep in mind. Are the clientele big tippers? How much free food can you expect each shift? Are the tip-outs bad? And if you're a spry young thing looking for waitressing work in NYC, you may want to consider the perks of the dress code, too.

At the swanky Rose Bar in Gramercy Park Hotel — where Fashion Week after-parties go down and Liza Minnelli has been known to perform — the waitresses wear custom-made designer clothes to work. Seriously: exclusive designs that no one else in the world can buy for love or money. (Well, maybe for a really big tip.) Their latest "uniform"? A gorgeous LBD, exclusively designed by Cushnie et Ochs.

The dress is knee-length, fitted, and incredibly sexy, with a geometric neckline and strategic cut-out in the middle of the torso. It's the type of dress that you'd expect to see on some fast-paced fashion editor who's half-relaxing at the Rose Bar but still checking her phone consistently. Instead, you'll see it on the waitress who's giving you the side-eye for only ordering water.

This isn't the first time the Rose Bar waitstaff has gotten such enviable duds. The uniforms are part of the hotel's designer series, which began in 2006, and has featured other big names like Narciso Rodriguez and Sophie Theallet.

Carly Cushnie told WWD that the Rose Bar was "one of the sexiest rooms in New York City," and if that wasn't true before, it will be once the staff slips into these LBDs. So if you're looking for some custom Cushnie et Ochs to add to your wardrobe, better brush up on those tray-carrying skills.

Image: @cushnieetochs/Instagram