'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Spoiler for "While You Were Sleeping" Is Pretty Dramatic — VIDEO

When we last left Mystic Falls, Katherine had just been extracted from Elena's body, Bonnie took a feisty new witch under her wing, and Damon was chained to a wall so he wouldn't eat any of his friends. Now that Katherine is gone for good (or so we think — it is The Vampire Diaries , after all) the Mystic Falls gang will have to deal with the repercussions. Will Damon confess about that he fell off the not-murdering-people wagon? Will Elena find a cure for the lethal poison the vindictive Katherine poisoned her with?

In the new episode "While You Were Sleeping", airing Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW, we'll get these answers and more. What can you expect from the episode? It seems that Caroline will be playing detective during her spring break from Whitmore College (remind me, did these kids actually go to any of their classes this year?) to find out some of the answers to the questions that Dr. Maxfield left behind. Unfortunately, Caroline stumbles upon a dark secret that could rock the lives of her friends forever. (But A for effort, Caroline!) We can't help but wonder what secret could possibly be so heavy — haven't these guys already seen it all? Doppelgängers, murderous exes, moon stones... what could possibly be so shocking?

But the real question on everyone's mind is: Will Damon be able to win Elena's love back after he reveals that not only did he kill a whole bunch of innocent people, but he ALSO killed Aaron Whitmore, the only new friend Elena made in college? My guess is that it's completely plausible considering Elena already had to forgive Stefan for his transgressions, and you don't get involved with a bad boy vampire unless you're willing to deal with the collateral damage.

Check out the latest sneak peeks from The Vampire Diaries and stake your bets (pun obviously intended) on what will happen next.


Image: The CW