Nolan Neal Returns To 'The Voice' With A Show-stopping Performance After Failing To Make A Team In Season 10

Sweet redemption! Nolan Neal returned to The Voice Blind Auditions Tuesday night after failing to turn a chair in Season 10. Though the coaches thought Neal possessed talent, they agreed that his song choice was all wrong. They urged him, as they do, to choose a new song and return next year. Well, their advice certainly paid off. Neal got not one, not two but ALL FOUR CHAIRS to turn with his moving performance of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" during the Season 11 Blind Auditions. The choice seemed to be a tough one, but Neal ultimately chose the coach who gave him the advice to return in the first place—coach Adam Levine.

There's no denying Neal is an incredibly talented artist, so how did he not make the cut the first time around? Well, like the coaches said, it all came down to song choice. Neal's original performance of Incubus's "Drive" was far too mellow for the the biggest audition of his life. He should've chosen something that better showcased his impressive range and powerful belt. Thankfully, he learned all this the first time around so he chose the perfect song this time. "Tiny Dancer" highlighted everything great about Neal's voice. It proved to the coaches that he has what it takes to make it in the music industry. Neal finally showed the coaches everything that makes him an incredible artist, and that's why he was rewarded with some of the highest remarks of this season so far.

Now that he has Adam on his side, Neal's dreams of success will become a reality. Neal already has the talent and personality to make it big, which makes Adam's job a whole lot easier. Once Adam finds the right songs to show off Neal's broad talent to the world, America will quickly fall in love with him. With both Adam and America on his side, Neal basically has this in the bag. Call him the comeback kid of the year, because Neal could just be the one to this thing.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC