Lev Grossman's New Book Is Inspired By King Arthur

One of the best book series since our time at Hogwarts came to an end has got to be the Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman — which had us all totally hooked, and even got made into a fantastic TV show. And now, get ready to fall in love all over again: Lev Grossman is publishing a new novel. The Magicians series is basically a not-at-all child-friendly version of Harry Potter, that reveals the orgies and affairs that magical students would most likely be enjoying behind locked doors. Grossman's latest novel, The Bright Sword , is a new take on the legend of Camelot — so I can't help but wonder what shenanigans the knights of the Round Table will be getting up to this time.

But The Bright Sword isn't just a retelling; it's actually a continuation. The story that we know and love ends with the fall of Camelot — which is exactly where Grossman's new novel will pick up. In The Bright Sword, the heroes we know are gone: there's no Lancelot, no Galahad, no King Arthur. The only survivors are a band of knights barely mentioned in the legends of old, who must fight to reclaim their kingdom. Intriguing, right?! Brian Tart, the President of Viking who will be publishing the book, says: "This unique and brilliant take on the King Arthur story could only come from the mind of Lev Grossman.” If you've read the Magicians trilogy, you'll know what high praise that really is.

Sadly, there's no word yet on when the publication date for The Bright Sword will be — but I'm clearing a space on my bookshelf for it right now.

Image: Courtesy of Viking