'Girls' Season 3 Finale Predictions (In Gifs, Of Course)

I've been a fan of the HBO series Girls since the very first episode, but even I have to say that it isn't the easiest show to watch. Hannah and Adam are trying to learn if their relationship can really go the distance, Marnie is looking for a creatively fulfilling career path, Shosh wants desperately to get into an ah-mazing business school, and Jessa... well, Jessa is hoping to get her shit together. In the preview for the Season 3 finale of Girls , we see that the girls may have a few obstacles in their way. Of course, as any 20-something knows, the best laid plans sometimes go awry. (All 20-somethings read Of Mice and Men in high school, yes?)

While I rarely feel stressed when I tune in to shows like Pretty Little Liars, Girls sometimes puts me on edge. At the risk of sounding like the biggest cliche ever, sometimes I really do feel like Hannah and Co.'s struggles hit a little bit too close to home. Every awkward moment, every botched interview, and every depressing date feels like something that could, theoretically, happen to me or to one of my friends. The girls of Girls live in a heightened TV reality, but it's one that isn't all that far off from how I live now. As the Girls are moving into a new point of their lives, it's become more and more exciting to watch as a viewer — if not also a tough mirror to look into.

So, what will happen in the Season 3 finale of Girls? Here are some predictions for Hannah, Marnie, Shosh, Jessa, and the guys who populate their lives:

Hannah will be super judge-y about Marnie and Ray.

For a woman who claims to be all about sexual freedom, she screamed pretty loud when she saw Ray and Marnie going at it. Don't get me wrong, it would freak me out, too, but there's no reason to get on a high horse about it.

Marnie and Desi will hook up.

If the sneak preview is any indication, this will totally be a thing. And even if we didn't see the sneak preview, we already know that Marnie and boundaries don't really go great together.

Jessa won't stay on the wagon.

Jessa did the whole rehab thing and it totally didn't stick. She's trying to clean up her act on her own, but it's time to make a decision: is this new sobriety thing for real? Let's remember that Jessa gets bored of everything, and staying sober is no exception. With her new boss asking her for drugs in the preview for this week's episode, staying sober will be harder for Jessa than ever before... and honestly, I don't think she's quite ready to kick her bad habits.

Shoshanna hits a low point.

Not a whole lot has been going on with Shosh in the past few episodes, but in the preview for Season 3's finale, we see that Shosh goes to an event... and her name is flagged. WTF?! We don't know what the deal is, but Shosh is definitely pissed. Let's hope that, whatever it is, it lets Shosh see her life clearly. There's more to life than OKCupid dates and business school applications and sock buns, and it's about time that Shosh learns what really makes her happy.

Hannah and Adam clash over his creative process yet again.

I'm with Hannah on the fact that it's really misleading for Adam to decide to put their relationship on hiatus, which is why I'm not all that surprised when, in the preview, Hannah shows up and Adam's dressing room. Hannah's presence could definitely knock the super sensitive Adam off his acting game, possibly ruining his very first performance. And honestly, I'm not sure if their relationship can come back from that.

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