10 Best Hair Tools & Products For Styling Dirty Hair

I wash my hair every other day, and when I'm traveling, sometimes I wash it even less frequently. This basically means that I'm always looking for tools and products for styling dirty hair. Whether I'm in a rush or I'm just too tired to shower, having some reliable hair tools and products for less-than-fresh hair is a must for me.

When my hair starts to look a little bit greasy, I'll spray in some dry shampoo and throw on a headband or braid my hair. But, I figured that there had to be way more creative ways to style dirty hair, so I reached out to Jennifer Penny, a stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC, for some more ideas. Penny said, "Most styles benefit from dirty hair; especially the trends we are seeing now: effortless, natural texture and slicked back styles." Plus, she said, ponytails, knots, braids and pretty much any hair-up look will hold together better and provide more volume when the hair is dirty. How come? "Because you’re creating a foundation that’s workable and (therefore) results that will be long-lasting," she pointed out.

I was pretty excited to hear Penny's insider recommendations and insight, as it means I can finally get away with third-day hair and still look presentable with the right tools and products for styling dirty hair.

1. Say Goodbye To Residue Left By Dry Shampoo

ORIBE Hair Care Gold Lust Dry Shampoo , $44, Amazon

Oribe is a favorite of stylists. They make great products that leave hair healthy. The newest addition to their product line is this dry shampoo made with translucent powder. Penny said, "It doesn't leave any residue or white powder in the hair, but cuts down on the greasiness, keeping hair feeling fresher longer." Dirt and oil will instantly be absorbed from your hair and scalp, and you'll be left with refreshed second- or third-day hair.

2. Extend A Blowout With Texture Lotion

ORIBE Hair Care Matte Waves Texture Lotion, $42, Amazon

Completely transform a blowout on the second or third day with texturizing lotion. This lotion will give you salt-spray waves without leaving you with dry or sticky hair. Penny says that using two pumps, rubbing it between your palms, and then scrunching your hair will leave you with a "lived-in look" that embraces your natural texture.

3. Add Texture, Body, And Lift Roots Instantly

Shu Uemura Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder, $38, Amazon

Brush on this translucent texturizing powder to revive a hairstyle. It will tease your roots as you apply it, while the powder soaks up oil and refreshes your look for another day or two. One reviewer said, "This applicator takes (dry shampoo) to the next level in allowing me to click and apply in seconds. I was also surprised that the white powder did not show up on my jet black hair. I love this product."

4. Say Goodbye To Ponytail Creases

i nvisibobble Original The Traceless Hair Ring (Set of Three ), $10, Amazon

Penny says, "Use (this) for a top knot while you sleep or workout to maintain your style and extend your blowout." The unique shape places uneven pressure around your hair, which means that you can kiss that stubborn ponytail crease goodbye. It also helps you with avoiding headaches and it prevents split ends.

5. Protect Style From Humid Showers With Terrycloth Lining

Blowpro The Perfect Shower Cap, $18, Amazon

This oversized shower cap is sure to cover your hair, while its terrycloth lining protects and maintains your blowout while you shower. Its secure banding keeps out moisture and humidity, which can cause your second- or third-day hair to frizz.

6. Smooth Imperfections With A Curling Iron

Hot Tools 1 1/4 Inch Salon Curling Iron , $30, Amazon

"An iron can refresh a blow-dry, make texture more consistent, smooth imperfections, or refine air dried curls," Penny said. This curling iron heats up to 430 degrees and leaves you with frizz-free curls or waves (this is my favorite curling iron ever, and it can give you a variety of looks). Spray your hair with hairspray for a tight look, or a texturized spray for a more relaxed one.

7. Add Body To Dirty Hair With Hot Rollers

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set , $99, Amazon

Penny told me that rollers are a really great way to add volume and body to dirty hair. They also get you closer to a salon quality blow out. These rollers emit ionic infrared heat that safely penetrates hair styling it from the inside out. That means that it will eliminate frizz and seal your hair cuticle. They heat up in just three minutes, and the temperature self-regulates to minimize damage. "Try putting them in vertically for a more modern beachy look," added Penny.

8. A Soft Bristle Brush To Evenly Distribute Oils

GranNaturals Boar + Nylon Bristle Oval Hair Brush , $10, Amazon

"If you keep your hands out of your hair, it won't get dirty so fast," said Penny. Instead of fixing your hair with your hands over and over again, brush it. A good brush will distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair. It'll add shine and smoothness to an otherwise dull-looking mane.

9. Pin Back Dirty Hair For A Classic Look

Vidal Sassoon Bobby Pins (60 Count) , $2, Amazon

"Bobby pins are great to use to lift or pin some of your hair back when it's dirty. Used with attention to placement and quantity, they can even serve as an accessory," Penny told me. You can use them to hold back fly-aways, or even secure an accent braid that will hide greasiness. Slick back dirty hair for a classic look, and use the pins to keep the style looking put-together.

10. Hide Greasy Roots With A Headband

Twisted Headbands (four count) , $12, Amazon

The easiest way to style dirty hair? With a cute headband. The headband will cover greasy roots and let you go an extra day without a wash. This is my go-to when I'm traveling. The headbands don't take up much space, and they can really help make dirty hair look amazing.

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