Where Does Annella Kaine Go To College? Tim Kaine's Daughter Is Studying An Intriguing Field

It's only natural that increased media attention comes along with being related to a vice presidential candidate, but Hillary Clinton's Vice Presidential pick Tim Kaine's youngest child Annella is no stranger to her family being in the public eye. Tim has been in office since before Annella, 21, was born, starting out on the Richmond, Virginia city council and continuing on to be a mayor, governor, and then senator. But given what Annella is studying, she might just become famous of her own accord.

Annella is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and the Atlantic Acting School. She's expected to graduate in 2017, according to her Backstage profile. Having acted in several productions back in Virginia, she recently starred as the lead in an NYU student short "Dignity." It appears as though Annella doesn't stray away from difficult topics, as the short has quite the gruesome plot line: a theme of black-market-assisted suicide, according to its casting page.

In addition, Annella is musical, as she sings, plays the piano, guitar, and clarinet. She grew up around music, as her parents both play instruments themselves. Her mother, Princeton and Harvard graduate Anne Holton, plays the violin and clog dances. Her father, who also graduated from Harvard Law School, has called himself "boring" on NBC's "Meet the Press." But he is also musical, as he plays the harmonica and sings in a church choir. Tim's Twitter page even calls him a "Bluegrass and harmonica enthusiast."

Annella isn't alone in her interest in drama; her 24-year-old brother Woody Kaine has explored filmmaking while enrolled at Carleton College, a private liberal arts school in Minnesota. Woody seems to be the most mysterious of the Kaine children, with no word on what he is pursuing now.

Annella's other brother, 26-year-old Nat is an active-duty marine, having graduated from George Washington University's ROTC program. All three siblings were raised Roman Catholic, and they attended public schools in Richmond, where their parents settled soon after their marriage in 1984, Heavy news reported.

KGW News on YouTube

The Kaine daughter has also expressed her views on having Hillary Clinton as the first female president. In a video interview with KGW news, Annella called a Clinton presidency "super, super exciting because it means we are breaking down a lot of barriers of sexism in our country...women are getting to see the kinds of things they can do in the world." Well said, Annella.

We'll have to keep a watch out for Annella on the world's stages once she graduates college, but in the meantime we can keep an eye on her father's campaign.