How To Watch Donald Trump’s Deposition Video, Which Could Be Hillary Clinton Campaign Gold

On Friday, following a Washington, D.C. Superior Court judge's ruling, video of Donald Trump's deposition in one of the two lawsuits involving chefs who pulled out of working with the Republican presidential nominee was released. BuzzFeed, the Washington Post, NBC News, and several other news outlets had requested access to the video, but Trump's lawyers had requested the footage remain sealed. On Thursday, Judge Brian Holeman issued an order that the video must be made public, noting, "This Court finds that Plaintiff has not demonstrated that any subject video deposition contains scandalous, libelous, or other unduly prejudicial material warranting denial of media access."

Transcripts of the deposition have already been made public, but Trump's team had countered there was a concern that video footage could be used for negative campaign adds. Holeman addressed and dismissed this issue in his ruling, noting:

Interestingly, a judge who has been a target of one of Trump's most infamous attacks this campaign — Judge Gonzalo Curiel — denied a similar request to release video footage from Trump's deposition in the Trump University lawsuits. Trump had alleged that Curiel would not be an impartial judge because he was "Mexican" and, thus, posed "an inherent conflict of interest" with his proposal to build a wall along the United States-Mexican border. Curiel is from Indiana, and he is off Mexican heritage.

BuzzFeed posted the deposition in two video, which you can watch when you click here:

Whether Trump's opponent turns the footage into campaign commercial gold remain to be seen.