Kim Is Rob's Parenting Coach On 'Rob & Chyna'

Now that Rob Kardashian's sisters have finally come around to the idea that he and Blac Chyna are starting a family together, I'm assuming that their baby-to-be is going to be spoiled rotten by her aunts. And if the way Kim is acting before that baby is even born, it looks like I'm right about that one. On Sunday night's episode, Kim taught Rob parenting skills on Rob & Chyna , and it was adorable and a little worrying at the same time.

It might not have been easy for Rob to fill his family in on his impending fatherhood, but now that he is, he's in a pretty good position. Between Kourtney and Kim's collective five children, his sisters have probably seen it all when it comes to raising kids at this point — not to mention the years of experience his own mom has after bringing up six kids of her own. And since Kim is such an awesome mom to North and Saint, it's not surprising that she'd decide to step up to the plate and fill Rob in on all the things he needs to know about being a dad, and it wasn't even her idea — it was totally his. How sweet!

When Rob got to Kim's house, she had baby bootcamp all set up for him, including a baby doll and everything. She taught him how to diaper a baby (featuring her wipe warming machine... um, I don't think my mom ever had one of those) and how to swaddle. Rob was completely clueless, but fortunately, he's not alone. Chyna has already done this whole baby thing with her first kid, King, so at least they're not both going in blind.

Rob may not be a baby pro just yet, but I have a feeling he'll be a good dad — especially since he's so willing to learn. It's going to be so adorable! I can't wait to see him in action with his little girl. Not too much longer to go!