15 Gifts For People Who Share Your Sense Of Humor

My absolute best friends all have one thing in common: they can take a joke. If you can’t laugh at toilet humor and internet memes, odds are you and I won’t have much to talk about, and consequently, I’m always in need of hilarious gifts for anyone with a sense of humor. Don’t get me wrong — reliability and honesty is important to me, too. But when the going gets rough, it’s important to know that you’ve got a handful of wonderful people in your contacts list who will happily make idiots out of themselves in the form of puns and vulgarity, all in an attempt to get that smile back on your face.

Whether you’re looking for great gag gifts, hilarious housewarming ideas for your funniest friend, or the ultimate holiday guide to tickle anyone’s funny bone, look no further than this list right here. I’ve even tossed in a couple that appeal to people who have a fifth grade sense of humor, and I’m going to pretend that it’s for the benefit of the readers, but in actuality, it was pretty unavoidable, given that I never fully grew out of the blatantly-laughing-at-sexual-euphemisms stage of my life.

1. This Honest Display Of Ego

Engraved Office Nameplate, $28, Amazon

For those friends that have a hard time asserting themselves, or for those friends that have no trouble at all, there’s these engraved office nameplates. They’re really well made, and they bring a little bit of humor to any boss or employee’s desk.

2. Puns And Puns And Puns And Puns

Hi I'm Mat, $15, Amazon

Everybody loves puns, but if you’re particularly fond of them, this Hi I'm Mat mat lets everyone know before they even step foot in your door. It can be used indoors or outdoors, as it’s made from a durable stitching, and reviewers say it gets a laugh from all the neighbors.

3. Everyone’s Got That One Friend

Poop Emoji Plush Pillow, $17, Amazon

I don’t care who you are – everyone’s got that one friend with an unhealthy dependence on the poop emoji. Take their addiction off the screen and into the bed with this poop emoji plush pillow, which is as comfortable as it is bizarre.

4. Just When You Thought Eating Pizza Couldn't Get Better

Fred & Friends Pizza Peddler , $15, Amazon

Functional and hilarious, this Fred & Friends pizza wheel might just be more entertaining than the delicious pie you're about to enjoy.

5. Laugh At The World's Texting Misfortunes

Damn You, Autocorrect!, $14, Amazon

If you’ve ever owned a smartphone, odds are you’ve fallen victim to the dangers of poor proofreading skills. Damn You, Autocorrect! is a collection of the best (worst?) autocorrect fails by pop-culture blogger Jillian Madison, and it makes for an awesome coffee table book to keep your guests entertained while you're texting.

6. DJ Mr. Bigglesworth

SUCK UK Cat Scratching Board, $28, Amazon

Internet 101: The only thing funnier than cats is cats doing human things. This scratching board turns your furry friend into a DJ with a spinnable deck and posing arm. (Ideal for any cats with their own Instagrams.)

7. A Written Record Of Everyone Who Comes And “Goes”

The Bathroom Guestbook, $13, Amazon

Throw a lot of parties? Have your guests check in during their sit-down time with The Bathroom Guestbook. Reviewers can jot down their names, record their times, and rate their experiences with doodles and charts. Y'know. Just to give them a little something to do while they’re peeing.

8. This Mug For Your Most Passive Aggressive Friend

Have a Nice Day Coffee Mug, $13, Amazon

This 'Have a Nice Day' coffee mug is ceramic, comfortable to hold, microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and oh-so passive aggressive. From the side, it’s all happy greetings and professionalism, but once you take a sip, your true feelings are right out there in the open.

9. Personalize Your Parties, Or Write The Word "Fart"

Lightbox Marquee, $40, Amazon

This lightbox marquee has the potential to be very useful and functional — or it has the potential to be a breeding ground for vulgarity. It comes with an assortment of 72 letters and the classic cinema marquee style is both sleek and fashionable.

10. When Regular Soup Ladles Don't Cut It

Ototo Nessie Ladle, $9, Amazon

Sometimes a soup ladle isn’t quite representative of your quirkiest friend’s personality. The Nessie ladle is entirely food safe, stands straight up on its own, and is totally safe to throw in the dishwasher.

11. This Hilarious Yet Useful Accessory

Shot Flask, $18, Amazon

This shot flask is one of those gifts that gets a laugh when it’s unwrapped at a party, and then it becomes one of your pocketbook staples. The gorgeous faux leather flask comes with a fold-up shot glass that fits right on the side, so you’re always prepared for partying.

12. Speak To Your Inner Rage

Swear Word Coloring Book, $4, Amazon

Sometimes “therapeutic coloring” doesn’t quite cut it, and you need something that really speaks to your inner rage. The 'Swear Word' coloring book comes with tons of intricate and beautiful designs of animals, each of which features a new and different vulgarity.

13. For The One Who Pays Attention To Details

Umbra Buddy Wall Hooks (Set of 3) , $20, Amazon

For that friend of yours who notices every little thing, from the sarcastic dish towels by the oven to the fact that their coat is being held up by a mini mountain (or wall) climber — this is for them.

14. Pro Tip: Googly Eyes Make Everything Better

Accoutrements Googly Eyes Push Pins, $7, Amazon

If I could put googly eyes on everything I own, I probably would. These Accoutrements Googly Eyes push pins let you remake your photos and shopping lists and add some much-needed fun to your bulletin boards. They’re functional, they move, and they’ll make you the most popular memo-poster at the office.

15. Tone Down That Stuffy Dinner Party

Fred & Friends Plunge Wine Bottle Stopper, $8, Amazon

Wine can be a little too classy for some occasions. This plunger wine bottle stopper tones it down with some much-needed humor. Reviewers say it makes a great gag gift, but to be sure to store bottles upright when this stopper's plugged in.

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