Chrissy Teigen’s Been Opening RiRi’s Mail

Have you ever unlocked your mailbox only to find an envelope addressed to previous resident Robyn Fenty and then opened that envelope because hey it’s your house now? No? Me either. Chrissy Teigen, on the other hand, knows that story all too well. Ever since she moved into the “This Is What You Came For” pop star’s former pad, Chrissy Teigen has been dealing with Rihanna’s mail. And by “dealing with” I mean “occasionally looking at.”

On Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Lip Sync Battle co-host spilled some major beans after sharing that she her family now live in Rihanna’s old house. When DeGeneres asked whether or not RiRi left anything behind in the abode, Teigen said this:

"The one fun thing that does happen every once in a while is I get a bill of hers and I really want to somehow give it back to her. So I tried to bring it to the Grammys but John was like, 'No! That doesn't look cool. Please don't. You're embarrassing me.’ Rihanna, you owe $18 to Bugatti, I think."

DeGeneres then asked one of the questions that needed to be asked: “You’re opening her mail?”

"Yeah, maybe, OK," Teigen replied. She added that Rih "gets a lot of fan mail." The host and her guest then discussed fan mail, mail rules, and whether or not it’s OK to open a previous resident’s mail if it shows up to your house (spoiler alert: it’s not). Apparently, Teigen sincerely didn’t know that it is technically illegal to take your letter opener to another person’s mail. Welp, there goes that hobby.

You can watch the always charming Teigen learn some mail law here:

Sadly, DeGeneres didn’t ask Teigen the other question that needed to be asked: What at Bugatti only cost $18?