Christina Aguilera Tweets Her Love of The Most Misogynistic "Holiday" Ever

Thanks to Christina Aguilera, we're now painfully aware of the most misogynistic "holiday" ever: Steak and Blow Job Day. The singer tweeted about the male-centric day Thursday night after posting accompanying photos of her out with her girlfriends in what appears to be a bar or club. We're going to go ahead and jot this one down as (likely) "Tweeting under the influence" because believing that Aguilera is genuinely excited about this concept is a bit too much to bear.

Sure, we've all been there. You're out drinking with your friends, having a grand old time, taking selfies, and serving up random factoids to each other. Then someone gets the bright idea, "Let's tweet that!" and you hope you're with it enough to know that you'll regret that in the morning. But every once in a while, you end up with something like Aguilera's tweet, celebrating a day that's described as "a holiday for men, a month after Valentine's Day — a holiday for women" by suggesting "Hope you all cashed in this month on steak & BJ day...if not, celebrate tonight! :)" Gross.

The idea behind this "holiday" is that since the man in this hypothetical heterosexual relationship went all out on Valentine's Day for his significant other — you know, candy hearts, hideous teddy bears with frilly hearts that say "I wuv you," and absolutely no expectation of sexual reciprocation at the end of it all... right — women need to pay up. Now, it's a month later and the woman in this equation is expected to go all cave woman for her cheesy bear deliveryman, fry him up a hunk of meat and get down her knees for the other part. Oh hell no.

Look, showing your significant other that you care is greatly important, and yes, for some that might include cooking a meal that may or may not involve steak, and yes, it often means reciprocating sexual pleasure. However, this "holiday" makes the whole thing one giant transaction, as if sex is some form of repayment. And coming from a woman who sings empowering lyrics like "Call me a bitch 'cause I speak what's on my mind/ Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled," this attitude towards subservience is more than a little disappointing.

Watch what you tweet, Xtina.