Artists Lernert & Sander Destroy Designer Sweaters for Art In New Video

The fashion world will tolerate certain acts of style disobedience – Lady Gaga's, for example – but this was perhaps too hard a pill to swallow: designer sweaters meeting their doom for the sake of artistic expression in a new video from Amsterdam-based artists Lernert & Sander.

Titled Last Season, the film depicts the deconstruction of four unsold designer sweaters from Kiki Niesten boutique in Maastrich, Holland, reports Daily Mail. The project was commissioned by the boutique and showcased during the Maastricht's TEFAF Art Fair.

“Kiki Niesten, the owner, asked us to create an art piece for her window to tie in with the famous art fair Tefaf in Maastricht. Tefaf is Europe's largest art fair, and basically packed with millionaires from all over the world. Kiki hoped that our piece would have a similar edginess as Everything, the perfume we created last year by putting all the perfumes that were launched in 2012 together,” explained the artists.

The pair unraveled sweaters from Prada, Jil Sander, Céline, and Chloé until all that was left was a ball of yarn meant to be a symbol of hope and aspiration.

"At the start it felt like we did something wrong," the artists said of the experience. "But after a few hours we really got into it, when the unraveled pieces slowly became these beautiful balls of yarn."

In total, approximately 4000euros – or $5,500 — worth of sweater goodness met its end.

Watch the film below and, as I did, experience the five stages of loss.


“No seriously this can’t be a real Céline sweater.”


“That is a month’s worth of rent!”


“Couldn't they have spread their message of hope with an Old Navy sweater?”


“They are destroying designer sweaters, and I’m sitting here eating PB&J for dinner.”


“You will be missed sweaters. May you rest in peace.”