Chrissy Teigen Joins The Vice Presidential Debate Tweetfest To Make A Great, Last-Minute Dig

There's times when politics can be bleak and lifeless, but then the universe opens a window and let's the light in — for Tuesday night's vice presidential debate, that light came in the form of Chrissy Teigen being on Twitter for the debate to take a jab at Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Teigen isn't a new-comer to criticizing the Trump/Pence ticket.

She's repeatedly called for media and other voters to call out Trump on his various racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and generally problematic comments, and she has made it abundantly clear that she's #WithHer for the long haul (even stumping for Clinton/Kaine at campaign events). She explained just as much earlier on Tuesday in an interview with Ellen Degeneres:

It’s a really heated election season, and I think it’s really important to vote for the person who is not a sociopath...Why we personally love Hillary is that she is far and away the most qualified candidate for the job. She’s ready to see this office again. She’s seen it before. We’re really supportive of her and we’ve loved her for a long time.

As she turned her attention to the would-be VPs later that night, she wasn't at a loss for words either, with some all-too-relatable feelings on Gov. Pence's ghoulish, unsettling presence — particularly when he was finally asked to weigh in on women's health issues — wondering whether he might be experiencing a slight malfunction.

She also acknowledged the all-too-real challenge for the Indiana governor as he navigated the many contradicting untruths his running mate has shared throughout his campaign.

And, to be fair, it's gotta be hard to keep up with statements that transcend both facts and conventional grammar — let alone doing it all while your batteries are low.

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