15 Happy & Heartwarming Items Optimistic People Will Be Obsessed With

Everyone has that friend (or maybe you're the friend) that always looks at things on the bright side, is all about silver linings, and is so optimistic and positive about life, you'd be shocked to see them upset. They're the kind of positive people who would be super obsessed with heartwarming, happy products that lift your mood and remind you to keep looking up.

After all, when you add something heartwarming to your space, you're creating even more positivity for yourself and others to bask in. These things to make you feel happy make great gifts for people tricky to shop for — or even just to gift yourself. It's like a little reminder for negative people to smile and pay attention to the good things in life (I know I'm guilty of letting the small things get to me, and sometimes, all I need is a little reminder that there are good things in my life — a motivational message on a pillow, a cute and quirky accessory, etc.).

If you're an optimistic person who loves clothes, accessories, and motivational products that highlight this quality, then it's definitely time to stock up. Here are some heartwarming items that are perfect for optimistic people.

1. Random Acts of Flowers

Random Acts of Flowers by Renegade Made, $20, Amazon

This paper flower kit allows you to create a gorgeous flower arrangement that will brighten up someone's day, and it comes with a little note to inspire them to do something nice for others, too. Inside the kit are 76 colored tissue paper sheets, 12 stem wires, lacing ribbon, and more.

2. Unicorn Emoji Portable Cell Phone Charger

ZuZo Unicorn Emoji Portable Phone Charger, $16, Amazon

A portable cell phone charger in the shape of your favorite emoji, because everyone needs to charge their phones. Why not make yourself smile while doing it?

3. If It Makes You Happy, Embrace The Breakfast Of Champions

Kate Spade Eat Cake Tumbler , $18, Because what could warm your heart more than eating cake for breakfast? Maybe eating cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4. Handmade Vintage Teaspoon

Hand Stamped Spoon, $18, Amazon

If you're a fan of the simple things in life, this spoon is a perfect reminder of that. "Drink tea. Read books. Be happy." Sounds like a good life outlook to me.

5. Thank Someone For The Little Things

Wildflower Thank You Postcards by Rifle Paper Co. (Set of 10) , $15, Amazon

Did your coworker stay late to help you finish that project? Maybe your S.O. had dinner waiting after a late night at the office, or perhaps your mailman's perpetual good mood brightens your day each afternoon. Thank these people for the little things with these heartwarming postcards, as knowing you appreciate them will only keep the positivity flowing in your life. (The cards are small enough to keep things brief, and it's the thought that counts anyway, right?)

6. Cute Cat Measuring Cups

Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups, $25, Amazon

Because why use boring old measuring cups the next time you're baking, when you could use ones that are shaped like adorable little cats? If your cooking project doesn't make you smile once finished, at least you're be smiling all throughout the prep session.

7. An Instant Happy Journal

Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and, Joy by Karen Salmansohn , $12, Amazon

Create an even happier day with a journal that is filled with motivational quotes, scientific studies about happiness, and a ton of questions that help you create and notice joyful moments in life.

8. A Motivational Throw Pillow

Acanva Decorative Throw Pillow, $15, Amazon

Every time you sit on your couch, you'll be reminded to shake off the small stuff, essentially. It's sure to leave you with a smile whenever you look at it.

9. An Adorable Patch To Stick On Your Jeans Or Bag

High Five Embroidered Sew or Iron-on Patch, $10, Amazon

Stick this patch somewhere that people can see it. It's like a free hugs sign that you can appropriately bring everywhere you go.

10. I Slay All Day Gym Bag

Durable Gym Handbag, $21, Amazon

Because everyone should know how much you crush it all day long, whether you're at the gym or running errands. Plus, nothing's more 'silver lining' than having confidence in yourself.

11. A Smiley Spatula

Tovolo Spatulart Smiley Face, $6, Amazon

If you love to cook or prepare meals for yourself and others, why not use a spatula with a smiley face on it. It will make your cooking experience so much more fun.

12. A Welcoming Doormat

Hello Doormat , $20, Amazon

What could be more welcoming than a doormat that says hello on it? It lets your guests know you're glad they're here.

13. A Motivational Print For Your Wall

Make It Happen Gold Foil Print, $18, Amazon

Hang this up in your office, and you'll never miss a beat. Every time you look at it, you'll remember all of your accomplishments and how you made it happen.

14. A Message Board To Customize Your Inspiration

XL LED Cinema Lightbox, $90, Amazon

Whether you need a reminder that life is beautiful or there's always a silver lining, this customizable lightbox can be as heartwarming as you make it.

15. A Happy Face Cooler

ban.do Super Chill Happy Face Cooler, $33, Amazon

An oversized smilie bag is an absolute necessity on Fridays (and Mondays, Tuesdays, or any day, really), so you can carry your happiness with you to the beach, the park, and the office.

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