Is Cricket Really Dead On 'AHS: Roanoke'? He May Not Be Gone For Good

It pretty much goes without saying that no one on American Horror Story is ever safe, but that doesn't make the death of beloved characters any less difficult to endure. And while we've only known him for the span of two episodes, Cricket on American Horror Story: Roanoke has proven to be a phenomenal addition to the cast. But unfortunately, it looks as though he's met a very untimely demise... or has he? Did Cricket really die on AHS: Roanoke ? I'd say the disemboweling is a pretty clear cut sign that this medium is no longer in the land of the living... but that doesn't necessarily mean he's gone for good.

I mean, we are talking about a show that is constantly bringing people back from the dead. And even if they aren't back from the dead, then their spirits continue to haunt our screens on a weekly basis. (Remember back in Murder House when almost everyone was a ghost?) So as tragic and undeserving as poor Cricket's fate was, I have a feeling we'll be seeing him around in the upcoming weeks. He died on the Roanoke property, after all, so chances are his spirit will also be stuck haunting the land for all eternity.

It's not an ideal situation for the character to be in, but I can't deny that I'm relieved at the thought of seeing him again. He adds an element of sincerity and humor to a mostly terrifying series. And let's be honest, Matt and Shelby could really use having another ghost be on their side, especially now that their house is about to be under attack. Maybe Cricket will be able to save the day once more. Either way, I really hope we see him again. The season wouldn't be the same without him.

Image: FX