Beyonce’s New Toyota Commercial May Have a Secret Message for Fans — VIDEO

Beyoncé doesn't need to be in commercials, but when she is they are epic and tell more about her life story than the product she's promoting. Beyoncé stars in a new Toyota commercial and while we see tons of Beyoncé, there's no sight of cars until the very end. This follows in the tradition of her Pepsi commercial where several versions of Beyoncé dance together. I'm not complaining about these Beyoncé-focused commercials — If you land Beyoncé for your commercial, you Beyoncé it up. I'm just making the observation because people are pointing out that the commercial might also reveal Beyoncé's new tour dates and if that's the case, this commercial is definitely more about promoting Beyoncé than Toyota.

The new commercial starts with "Beyoncé" in the womb (it's really just a clip of an ultrasound) and goes through her entire life until now. There's child Beyoncé dancing, Beyoncé writing "Survivor" on a bus, Beyoncé in the recording studio. The part where the tour dates may be revealed occurs when present day Beyoncé is walking through the backstage area of a venue. Eight Asian and European cities are listed and none of them are currently listed on Beyonce website as tour dates.

The website indicates that her Mrs. Carter Show tour will be wrapping up on March 27, so if there was ever a time for her to release more tour dates, it'd be right now. What's interesting is that, while Beyoncé has already taken her tour to London, Paris, and Milian, she has not yet visited Rome or any of the Asian cities listed. In fact, she hasn't visited Asia at all. This tour date theory is really growing on me! We'll have to wait and see if these cities are actually meaningful. Don't forget, there's still the possibility that they were just randomly jotted down as part of the set.