Madonna's MDNA Skincare Video Is Insane, Surprising No One

We thought Madonna couldn't get any more enigmatic, especially considering her recent Game of Thrones Purim costume, but the impossible has happened. Madonna released a video for her new skincare line, MDNA, and it may be one of the most earnestly trippy cosmetics advertisements we have ever seen. While we're sure Madonna's skincare is the most luxurious line to hit the market in some time, we can't help but be distracted by the multitude of more interesting phenomena going on in the commercial, which appears to mostly promote what Madonna has been selling since she donned her first cone bra: drugs, sex, and rock and roll.

The advertisement ostensibly markets a facial serum, but the product gets lost in a sea of other imagery. Madonna's opening voiceover solemnly informs the viewer, "Having good skin is important to me," which seems apt for a skincare ad. However, Madge then launches into a monologue about other equally significant concerns in her life, including (but not limited to) "creation," "honey," "essence," "magic," and "infinity." Madonna of course makes several appearances in the commercial, alternately rolling around on the floor, sitting authoritatively in a bathtub, and seductively playing with her garter belt.

The rambling dialogue coupled with the suggestive imagery of the commercial makes us wonder if the ad is for MDNA or is actually a very expensive stream of consciousness recording from the notoriously experimental singer. In addition, the unfortunate name "MDNA" looks an awful lot like MDMA, known to Miley Cyrus as "Molly." We're certain MDNA was meant to evoke both an abbreviation of Madonna's name and a combination of "Madonna" and "DNA," but the result is still questionable.

Oh Madonna, always multitasking.

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