The Facebook Events App You Never Knew You Needed

If you only ever use Facebook anymore to keep track of your events, then you're in luck! Facebook is launching a new Events app to help you stay on top of all that stuff. It's currently available for iOS, which means if you're an Apple user, you no longer have any excuse not to be on top of your schedule.

"Ever day, more than 100 million people use Facebook events to discover things they can do with their friends — from festivals and 5Ks to neighborhood fairs and nightlife," Facebook wrote in a blog post announcing the new service. "With hundreds of millions of events shared on Facebook every year, the fear of missing out is becoming a thing of the past."

And while I'm not sure that an app can single-handedly be responsible for banishing FOMO, the point still stands: Facebook is a great way to find cool events to attend. And now with the app, you can do all that and more. According to Facebook, the Events app will let you see which events your friends are interested in attending, keep up with announcements from events you've connected to, browse event recommendations, and keep track of all your events in your calendar.

Basically, just like you have Google Calendar for all your work events, you now have the Events app for all the fun stuff. And you can even integrate other calendars like Google Calendar in order to have everything in one place so you don't get double-booked. Plus, this means you can check your Facebook events without accidentally getting pulled into the distracting world of Facebook.

So far, the app is only available for iOS, but it's due to come to Android "soon," according to the announcement. So if you're an iPhone user who's been looking for a new way to keep your life organized and on schedule, now might be your chance.

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