Justin Bieber Wears A Bizarre Disguise

Let's talk JB for a second, k? Justin Bieber wore a disguise while walking around Amsterdam on Friday, presumably so he could go unrecognized by paparazzi, fans, and plain ol' people on the street. This was a fail on numerous levels, the first being that the disguise consisted of a crappy wig, mustache, and beard combination ("justin" time for the holiday, it definitely looks like something you'd get at one of those Halloween stores that only pop up in October). And considering the fact that TMZ shared a lengthy video of the disguised Bieber, one in which people stopped to stare and talk to him on the street, it also failed on the "unrecognizable" front as well.

But this isn't a post to admonish the Biebs; moreso to ponder what exactly his motive was here. Did he want to go unrecognized? If he did, more power to him — genuinely, it must be endlessly frustrating to not be able to leave the house without being stopped on the street by hordes of paparazzi and people gawking at you like a commodity. But you'd think if that were the case, Bieber (who has more money than God, probably) would've opted for a much better disguise. I mean, at least one that covered up his tattoos.

Not to mention the fact that he walked with the unmistakable swagger of a celebrity and probably wound up calling more attention to himself just because he was wearing a Groucho Marx-esque disguise in the first place (although that could have also been because he had photographers and videographers on his every move). Bieber is also a known prankster, so maybe this was all just an elaborate joke for a segment that will appear on Ellen later.

The bottom line? When Bieber goes out in the Netherlands in a faux beard and mustache, it turns out there are an endless amount of questions surrounding his getup. And maybe that was the point of it all. All press is good press, right?