Jimmy Kimmel Takes Ellen's Oscar Selfie To Task With This Presidential Photo

In your latest, most important, breaking celebrity mobile upload news, Jimmy Kimmel pulled an Ellen at the Oscars. For those of you that don't know what that means (and seriously, how don't you know), Kimmel tried his hand at the epic group selfie. Question: can we just call it a groupie? While other have tried and failed to replicate Ellen's selfies' prominence, the funny man took a different approach. Instead of inviting a bunch of A-listers to partake in his selfie shenanigans, Kimmel got a bit, well, presidential.

Kimmel doesn't mess around. Being one of the internet's most clever and devious trolls, he invited the former first family, The Clintons, into his picture in order to one up Ellen the best way he knew how. While this picture was decidedly political in nature, it was more lighthearted than it may appear. Kimmel attended and participated in a panel for the Clinton Global Initiative University, where he was involved in a discussion with the Clinton family in front of the university students, some of whom were also a part of the selfie. Senator John McCain and Representative Gabrielle Giffords were also in attendance at the event, but sadly, were not involved in the groupie. Sigh, maybe next time guys!

Image: Twitter/@JimmyKimmel