Lisa Vanderpump Salad Dressing? Yes Please

Climb aboard a Cavalia horse and trot on over to your local newsstand, dear Bravoholic, because the ruler of the Sexy Unique Universe is on the cover of the Oct. 10 issue of AdWeek. In a new interview with the advertising magazine, Bravolebrity Lisa Vanderpump talked The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , Vanderpump Rules, her restaurants, and her ever-expanding empire. Now, if this cover story was one of LVP's diamond-encrusted tiaras, there would definitely be one gemstone that sparkled a little more than the others. And that gemstone would be Vanderpump's list of dream future endeavors.

When AdWeek asked Vanderpump to share what other ventures she'd like to one day pursue, she gave the following glimmering jewel of an answer:

"I'd love to have a brand of Vanderpump salad dressings. I would love to have Vanderpump frozen food ... and I'd love to do a perfume. I would love a makeup line. I love everything!"

I sincerely hope all of these things happen. A Vanderpump salad dressing? Yes please. I would be honored to pick up a diamond-shaped bottle of rosé vinaigrette and pour it over a spinach salad. A Vanderpump perfume? Yes please. I would be honored to spritz my wrists with an eau de parfum inspired by the sweet aromas of the Villa Rosa gardens. A Vanderpump makeup line? Yes please. I would be honored to coat my eyelids with a swan-themed shadow palette. A Vanderpump frozen food line?

Oh. My. Giggy. I could not be more into this idea.

When I hear “Vanderpump frozen food,” I immediately picture myself snagging a box of store-bought deep-fried goat cheese balls from my freezer, throwing the LVP-approved morsels on a microwave safe plate, and heating up the dish before that week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules begins (i.e., living the dream). I mean, come on. A Vanderpump frozen food line would have to include a freezer aisle version of SUR’s fabled (and legitimately great!) goat cheese confections, right? It'd be so beautiful.

Like a little slice of SUR in our own homes.

Image: realitytvgifs/tumblr