Fans Aren't Taking Drake & Rihanna's Break Up Well

The greatest love saga of our time (besides Ross and Rachel) has reportedly ended things. According to E!, Drake and Rihanna have broken up, or "have gone their separate ways," which is a fun way to say "have continued to toy with our hearts." What's the deal with these crazy lovebirds anyhow? One minute they're up, getting matching shark tattoos and kissing onstage in Miami. The next minute they are out and about, "seeing other people." Fans have always had an opinion about the pair's relationship, so following the announcement that Drake and Rihanna might have broken up, people took to social media in an effort to share said opinions.

After Drake professed his love for Rihanna onstage at the VMAs, we were all feeling some kind of way. Was this the beginning of a real love affair and not one that remained covered in platonic "we're just friends" sentiments? It seemed that way. But, ever the enigmatic duo, their relationship narrative remains unclear. The biggest possibility is that Drake has been in love with Rihanna all this time, and, while they might have dated here and there, have never made it official. Though it seemed Drake was finally making some romantic strides with his dream girl, perhaps it wasn't enough.

Regardless of its true nature, people have a lot of thoughts on their relationship's possible end (that is, if it ever truly began?).

1. Rihanna = Fave Feminist Icon

2. True, None Of This Makes Sense

3. Love. Is It Even Real?

4. They Just Couldn't Make It Work

5. Requesting Time To Mourn

6. OK, This One's Just Bold

7. Nothing Is Pure

8. A Sarcastic Thanks

9. "Take Care" 2?

The fans insinuating that a Drake and Rihanna split means more music are really good at finding silver linings. But what's better? Break up albums from two of our generation's best artists or those two artists finding romantic bliss? Ever since the two started from the bottom at a bowling alley in 2009, Drake has been continuously vying for the latter. Maybe one day, Drizzy. Maybe one day.