Chance The Rapper's Grammys Ad Is Hilarious

I know it's a bit too early to tell because the Grammys are in February, but mark my words: Chance the Rapper just won the upcoming Grammy Awards, and basically all of 2016. How: The 23-year-old pulled a totally brilliant move that will surely make his fans adore him even more and those who don't even know him love him already. In a low-key, yet poignant, statement, Chance took out a full-page ad in the annual Grammy preview/October issue of Billboard magazine to get Grammy voters' attention. All it took was a simple photo with four words: "Hey, why not me?" The artist is already in the good graces of legends like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, so it's not like he needed any help. But now, he has everyone's attention and he couldn't have done it in a cooler way. Now, it's up to Grammy voters to listen.

After a move like this, it'll be impossible for people to not have the rapper in mind come Grammy night. His overalls. His effortless pose. His general coolness. How could you not vote for him? Fans will know if he and his streaming-only album Coloring Book score any nominations on Dec. 6. It would be the first, since streaming-only recordings just became eligible for Grammy consideration. But the move is so smart, because in its innocent and simple nature, it'll also make Grammy voters look like total jerks if he isn't recognized on the big night.


I'm not the only one who thinks this ad is incredible.

Chance the Rapper proves you don't have to be loud or even break-the-internet worthy to be noticed for hard work. Talent, calculation, and asking for what you want may be just what it takes.